Energy Healing From A Distance

Finally the Mayo Clinic is beginning to take home remedies seriously. In an article by Robin Mills-Murphy (The Orange County Register) entitled "Embracing home remedies" we find that mainstream physicians are beginning to give some respect to herbal and natural cures. Even Oprah is getting on the band wagon by hosting people such as Dr. Oz. The reader may get happy over this and imagine that he or she may now go to the doctor and get wholistic natural therapies and herbal cures. Although this situation is getting better, the reader may be making a big leap of imagination.

One Wall Street analyst recently suggested that the Big 8 merge down to the Big 4, as happened with major American oil companies to enhance profits. Just a few years ago, there were more than 10 major oil companies. Now, thanks to mergers, there are four huge oils firms.

Drugs are dangerous and over-prescribed, often given as the patient obeys TV commercials to "ask your doctor" and demand this or that drug. 70% of the time doctors approve these requests, often very reluctantly.

A discordance in the Ayurveda over allopath subtle bodies can also mean that the person has an illness or growth that is not yet manifest in the physical. If this discordance is removed and the individual changes the thoughts or behaviors that precipitated the disturbance in the field... sounds like Star Wars, here... the problem is resolved and won't manifest in the physical.

This is part of our natural bodily defenses against invading bacteria, viruses and germs - so when the eventual recurrence pops up again, it's without resistance, and without mercy. What are we given next? We get more of the same, but in stronger doses. What kind of bacterial vaginosis cures are these?

As I said earlier, Kait is now nearly 18. This young lady, who was told as a 10-year-old that she would 'never play sports or be able to play like other children' due to Asthma, has now lettered in Track for the last three years and has been attack and symptom free for nearly 3 years.

When we suffer the symptoms of sinus infections, we need to make a more educated choice as to what to do about them. This is where many people today turn to natural remedies and herbal medications. Such techniques and therapies actually go after the cause of illnesses, and are structured towards healing the body, instead of merely covering up the effects of our condition while we continue on with our lives as our condition persists. It seems more logical to wholly heal from the root of the illness. After all, attack the cause and the symptoms are here eliminated by default, right? This is where we need to decide what would be the most correct action to take.

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